The Winters Billionaire Brothers Series is Complete!

I can’t believe it! Gabriel, Pax, “Tiny Tim” and “Saint Nick” are all out there in the world making babies and getting married! Thank you to everyone who has picked up a book in the series. These were really fun to write, and I am so excited and happy to share them with you.

I also want to just say thank you to everyone who reached out to me or left a review. I am striving to make each book better than the last, and feedback really helps. This series pushed me and definitely helped me grow as a writer, and I’ll be keeping your comments in mind as I continue to write.

Each of these books meant so much to me. Pax’s story was filled with sweetness and hope. Tim’s story was super funny and fun. Nick’s story intimidated me just because he was such a larger than life character! And Gabriel’s story forced me to really dig deep and write from the heart.

Thank you all once again for taking a chance on The Winters Billionaire Brothers! I hope you liked it & if you missed any books in the series, they’re all on Amazon:

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