Meet Chance Woodcox!

I’ve only had two one night stands in my life. The first resulted in my baby girl. The second, a Vegas marriage to international sex symbol and drummer for the sales-breaking southern rock band, Chance Woodcox. Want to know the funny thing? Both one night stands were with the same guy.

The Woodcox Brothers are here, and Chance is up first!

Chance rocks hard and fu…I mean, uh, “parties”… even harder. But there’s one girl he’s never been able to forget.

Meet Nala, a single mother who’s working hard to make ends meet. Nala doesn’t take handouts, doesn’t take other people’s shit, and can get by just fine on her own.

However, both of these people know they’re missing something: Love.

And they both have something they love more than anything else in the world: Their little girl.

I loved writing these books! Like all good bad boy rockstars, The Woodcox Brothers are crazy and will do anything to protect their women and their family. There’s nothing more romantic than a man who’s ready to be a father, a strong woman who finally gets the supportive partner she deserves, and lots of steam (of course).

I hope all of you enjoy this wild ride and thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Meet Chance Woodcox!”

  1. I really enjoy reading your books and if you have a ARC team and have a opening I would love to join I have read all your books and preorder the last two. You are Totally Awesome!

    • Hi Yvonne! First, I am so sorry to be getting back to you…months later. I’ve been really busy working (both writing & day job), and honestly just forgot to check my website. Really bad. Anyways, yes, I am working with an ARC author team. It’s actually a group of romance authors (most multicultural romance) so you’ll get my books + books from other people. We’re all authors supporting each other, and there are some other genres like PNR and scifi in there in addition to contemporary. Here’s the link to join:
      And apart from that, thanks for the wonderful comment! I am so glad you like the books!

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