The Winters Billionaire Brothers

Four estranged brothers find love and rediscover the gift of family during the winter season.

* * *

The Beast’s Untouched Bride

He thinks he’s an unloveable beast, but I see the man beneath the scars—the battle-worn hero who risked his life attempting to save my brother. Our marriage was supposed to be in name only, but I want more. I’ll only give him the divorce he desires if he finally lets me know what it’s like to make love to a man…and if we make a baby.

* * *

Mall Santa’s Christmas Family

She thinks I’m a homeless Mall Santa. I’m actually a billionaire and this Mall Santa gig is the first job I’ve ever had. I’m supposed to just do my time and go home, but I can’t. Something bad is going down at the North Pole, and I will stand up for what’s right and become the man Cadence deserves, even if it means going up against my scrooge of a brother and putting my billions on the line.

* * *

The Secret Cowboy Heir

When the reality TV “star” I’m interviewing in a karaoke bar gets a little too handsy, the stud who swoops in like a knight in shining armor to bar-fight for my honor is none other than the real estate mogul Nicholas Winters. Or is he? He says his name is Tim and talks with a southern twang. Did Nick get hit in the head too hard, or does he have a long lost twin? And if Nick does have a twin, how will the heartless billionaire take the discovery that a cowboy is the true heir to the Winters empire?

* * *

The CEO’s Pregnant Secretary

I slept with my boss, Nicholas Winters, at the New Years masquerade ball. Oops. Luckily, he doesn’t know it was me. Unluckily, I’m…now pregnant. Now, I have to find a way to tell the asshole workaholic that he’s going to be a father. Maybe this would be easier if I gave my two weeks notice…