Title: Unmanageable
Series: The Woodcox Rockstar Brothers #2

If my manager thinks I'm too wild on stage, just wait until I get her in the bedroom.

I was hired to manage the band, not get drunk and wake up married to the lead singer after a night of dirty, rough, unforgettable…
Well, you get the idea.
Point is, this isn’t me. I’m a professional. I take my job seriously.
Unfortunately, the only job Ash Woodcox seems to take seriously is getting back into my pants. That’s not gonna happen again no matter how sexy he is. I’m going to control my desires.
Too bad Ash is uncontrollable. When a jealous ex-client starts spreading rumors about me, all of a sudden I am thrust into the spotlight.
I’m not gonna let Ash ruin his career for me.
Ash is not gonna let anyone “disrespect his woman.”
If you think a bad boy Southern Rockstar is unmanageable, just wait until he falls in love with you...or discovers he knocked you up in Vegas.

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