The Billionaire’s Ruined Nanny

Title: The Billionaire's Ruined Nanny
Series: The Interracial Romance Diamond Collection #1

Nia must save her niece from her identical twin sister, a woman willing to put financial gain above her baby girl’s welfare. She knows only one man strong enough to help: the ruthless Russian billionaire Vadim Ramazanov.

Going to him is a gamble. He wields his power like a weapon. And because he knows her twin sister’s true nature, he immediately distrusts her. Nia has no choice. In order to protect her niece Zahara, she must throw herself at a man who could easily destroy her...especially if he learns her secret.

Vadim knows Nia is hiding something. He intends to keep his distance, but it’s impossible to stay away from the resilient young woman who has invaded his home and thawed his frozen heart.

She would make a perfect mother for Zahara...and a perfect wife. Vadim longs to claim her, but she flinches from his touch. He must convince her to trust him so that he can use all of his power to protect her.

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