The Beast’s Untouched Bride

Title: The Beast's Untouched Bride
Series: The Winters Billionaire Brothers #1

I'll give him the divorce he desires...if he agrees to make a baby with me.

After being scarred in the explosion that killed my brother, Gabriel Winters asked for my hand in marriage to save my family from financial ruin. In his mind, it was a marriage of convenience. He never saw me as anything but his best friend's little sister. In my mind, nothing was convenient. I'd always seen him as a man.

Gabriel is scarred, but not broken. He's strong, powerful, and kind. I want to be the one to open his heart to love again. On the night he finally summons me to his bedroom, I go ready and eager to give him my body and my soul. Instead, he hands me divorce papers.

I would do anything for this man, but I refuse to give in. If he wants me to sign, he is going to have to give into my demands first.

I want to know what it finally feels like to be touched by a man...

...And I want a baby.

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