Single Dad’s Fake Fiancee

Title: Single Dad's Fake Fiancée
Series: The Nanny's Scandalous Secret #2

I need a fiancée fast.

My daughter is everything to me and I’d do anything for her. Unfortunately, the courts don’t see it that way. In order to convince the judge I can handle the responsibility of being a dad, I need a fiancée. The new girl I hired to help me out on the ranch is perfect…as long as I can keep my hands off her. Things are getting too real too fast. I know she’s hiding something. I wish I could convince her to trust me.

I’m here to do a job. I can’t afford to fall in love.

It's one thing to fall for your employer. It's another to fall for your mark. I'm not who Evan Woodcox thinks I am, and I'm not here to do the job he hired me to do. But how can I stop myself from falling in love with this man and this family? It's the first time in my life that I've ever felt at home. If I don't stand up for what's right I will lose my one shot at love...and if I do I’ll lose my life.

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