One Hit Wonder

Title: One Hit Wonder
Series: The Woodcox Rockstar Brothers #1

I've only had two one night stands in my life. The first time I woke up pregnant. The second time, married. And it gets even crazier, because both times were with the same man.

I’ve only had two one night stands in my life.

The first resulted in my baby girl.

The second, a Vegas marriage to international sex symbol and drummer for the sales-breaking southern rock band, Chance Woodcox.

Want to know the funny thing? Both one night stands were with the same guy. I’ve been trying to find the father of my daughter for years. Turns out I was just listening to the wrong radio station!

I don’t know anything about this Chance Woodcox, or his band. All I know is fame comes with a lot of complications. Chance vows to protect me, but how can he when a literal spotlight is illuminating the dark secrets of my past?

All I know is that I will do anything to protect my little girl…even if it means betraying the man I’ve hopelessly fallen in love with.

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