No Strings Attached

Title: No Strings Attached
Series: The Woodcox Rockstar Brothers #4

This rocker chick thinks I'm too country. I think she's just perfect.

Zari’s career isn’t going the way she planned. Exceptionally talented and equally exceptionally broke, she takes a position as the lead guitarist for Night and Day, the “beauty and the beast” band led by an egotistical glam-rocker whose attitude (and hair) should have stayed in the 80’s. To make matters worse, the band is touring with a schmaltzy country rock band, The Woodcox Brothers. But when her boss’ glitter hits the fan, Zari must turn to the drummer of The Woodcox Brothers…a man she might have accidentally married and accidentally gotten impregnated by…to help her save the day and finally step into the spotlight.

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