Mall Santa’s Christmas Family

Title: Mall Santa's Christmas Family
Series: The Winters Billionaire Brothers #2

I fell in love...with a Mall Santa.

I can’t believe this is happening. After my husband died, I never thought I’d be with another man. But fate has other plans, because the perfect man just fell into my lap. Or, more accurately, I fell into his lap. Because…he’s a Mall Santa.

I know, I know. A Mall Santa. But Pax is amazing. He makes my son happy, he makes me laugh, and beneath that fat suit is the body of a sculpted sex god. It would be a true Christmas miracle if it weren’t for one thing: This Mall Santa is hiding something, and it’s not just presents under the tree.


I’ve met the girl of my dreams. She thinks I’m a homeless Mall Santa, but I’m actually a billionaire. I want to tell her, but such a hardworking woman would never accept a playboy like me. Oh, and there’s also the fact that I must keep my true identity secret from my fellow elves.

My brother’s the kind of devil who’s happy to get coal in his stocking so he can feed the open flame he intends to roast you over. After bailing me out when my latest night of drunken debauchery lands me in jail, he gives me an ultimatum: hold down a job and prove myself to be a productive member of society, or lose my inheritance.

This Mall Santa gig is the first job I’ve ever had. I’m supposed to just do my time and go home, but I can’t. Something bad is going down at the North Pole, and I can’t turn my back on it. I will stand up for what’s right and become the man Cadence deserves, even if it means going up against my scrooge of a brother and putting my billions on the line.

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