His Brother’s Baby

Title: His Brother's Baby
Series: The Nanny's Scandalous Secret #1

At one time, nothing was out of my reach: women, fame, money. After my father’s death, I left the world of professional football to rediscover my purpose in life, but something was missing. I didn’t know what that something was until my brother abandoned his daughter on my doorstep.
I look into the baby's eyes and know that I am all she has. I will fight for and love and protect her. Nothing and no one will stop me, not even my brother.
I ran to save my life and my daughter’s. However, I didn’t run far or fast enough. When my ex finds me, he takes everything…including my baby.
Now, I have to save my daughter before it’s too late. When I discover she’s at the Double Mountain Ranch, I pose as a nanny so I can care for her and plan our escape. But I didn’t expect to fall in love with my employer…my ex’s brother.
How can one brother be so different from the other? This wounded cowboy loves my baby as much as I do. He can give her the life I never could. He wants to put a ring on my finger and has already branded my heart.
I want to give in, but I can’t. Will telling him who I am set us both free, or will my secret ruin us both?

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