Broken Record

Title: Broken Record
Series: The Woodcox Rockstar Brothers #3

I let her get away once. I'm not making that mistake again.

He was my best friend. My first love.
Tragedy tore us apart. Fate brought us back together.

My night in Vegas was supposed to be me to unwind and be in the present, not to relive the mistakes of my past. I didn't expect to wake up in in my former best friend and first love's bed, married.

He was a man I could never forget...and a man I promised myself I would never love again. This spur-of-the-moment, sham-of-a-wedding was a mistake. But he thinks it's forever, and he's determined to prove it to me.

I want to give in, but the secrets of the past still haunt me.
I can't fall in love with him a second time.
And he can never know why.

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